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Thread: Beach Launcher

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    Beach Launcher

    Attached is my new launching steel coaster.


    Beach Launcher is a fun twisting turning launched coaster that features 4 inversions. It features a cobra roll, a heartline roll, an upward roll, and several turns and hills.
    Launch Speed: 64.5 mph
    Track Length: 4158 feet
    Inversions: 4
    Trains: 3 trains, 5 car 20 seat trains
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    Re: Beach Launcher

    Nice layout, pacing. Good trackwork. Is this beach in CA, TX or FL?
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    Here's my rating:

    Technical: 6/10
    There were pumps spread throughout, most notably pre-cobra roll and post MCBR, but most of them were small. The support work was pretty good, but you had banking/curving stations, launches, MCBR's and those ending transport segments. Those should always all be perfectly straightened. Plus, your first inversion wasn't heartlined, so some points were taken off for that.

    Originality: 8/10 I liked this ride. Nice and different. I don't see many Premier LIM coasters anymore. I especially liked your first inversion, even if it wasn't heartlined. A nice, very twisty ride.

    Adrenaline: 4.5/10 Save for the ending (from Barrel Roll to brakes) and the Cobra Roll (which both of these were awesome) it was kind of boring, actually. You should have made these elements a lot tighter to produce more G's, and make it more exciting.

    Overall rating: 6.167/10

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