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Thread: New RCT2 Project: X-Treme Thrills Test Center

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    New RCT2 Project: X-Treme Thrills Test Center

    This is probably one my most insane ideas for a park. First of all, every coaster will be a B&M. Second, these coasters will provide unique thrills and some will hold records. Third, I am experimenting, as I often do, with many various aspects of the ride design to provide as many thrills as possible.

    First, we have a B&M sit down coaster that starts off similar to Time Machine at FMP, but then takes its own twist with this insane double head-chopper.

    We then head over to a B&M floorless coaster(with camoflage paint) that will be built into the terrain. This will be the first floorless coaster with a terrain design.

    The design team at X-Treme Thrills managed to out do them selves with a B&M stand up coaster that is only the second to feature a zero-G roll, and will break the record for the stand up coaster with the most inversions.

    Next we have a B&M inverted coaster that will take you through six inversions and three helices.

    We now see a B&M flying coaster that takes you through the rough terrain, three inversions, several helices, and a tunnel.

    We now come to our crown jewel. A B&M hyper coaster appropriately named AirTime. AirTime stands 240 feet tall with a 229 foot drop. AirTime takes riders through 9,315 feet of steel track,through 12 air time hills, a total of 21 drops, a 90mph to provide over 17 seconds of air time. AirTime is so massive that it needs two MCBR's in order to run three trains. AirTime is also the first hyper coaster to feature an undergroud tunnel.

    Feedback is appreciated.

    I think I see all of the B&M fanboys drooling over this.
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