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Thread: WoA, CP, Kennywood questions

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    Question WoA, CP, Kennywood questions

    What do you think the lines/crowds will be like in two weeks at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, Cedar Point & Kennywood?

    All help would greatly be appreciated.
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    it depends on the day that you go

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    Yes, it does depend on the day you go. But i know since it is the July-August PEAK season, expect more crowds than the normal weekday in June. Also try to get in line for XFlight in the morning if possible.
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    Lines are more crowded in August because that is when a lot of sports activities end. I remember on a weekday in August, I waited 2 hours for Raptor.

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    SFWOA can be really bad on weekends, but with some tactic, you can still finish every coasters before the sun sets.

    First, race for X-Flight, because the line will not get shorter...... then after that, you will probably have walk-ons on some coasters due to the vaccumm created by X-flight......

    On coasters with 1 train, you might have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes, after the X-Flight created vaccumm starts disappearing.....
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    I am going starting July 30th W/ Kennywood, July 31st WoA August 1 & 2 CP.
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    CP is packed everyday!

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    Since it sounds like your going in Aug it will be crowded on a weekend. I have gone to Cedar Point on tues and weds in august for the past three years, and it's never very crowded. There are usually long wiaits for Mantis, Raptor and Millennium Force. Other than that, most are walk ons to 20 minute waits. And once night hits, the lines die down a lot. Don't expect to wait very long for most, and the ones you do wait for, are sure worth it.

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    Kennywood's lines are really never that bad. Cedar Point's lines depends on the day. SFWOA's lines depend on the day too.

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    Originally posted by Jester
    CP is packed everyday!
    Not really. I was there in May and the park was a ghost town!
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    Yeah, except for PR, Kennywood is not bad.
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