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Thread: Is there a most OVERrated park??

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    I think it would HAVE to be Disney area... you pay to shop!!! and have only maybe 4 good rides to go on... (referring to MK) at WDW.

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    Cedar Point, Kings Island, and SF Great Adventure are all equally overrated.

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    I would say the WDW, imo, is the most overrated in terms of rides. I'd take IOA or CP over it anyday.
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    Holiday World is definitaly overrated

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    Cedar Point is the most overrated park

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    <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif"> By far SF New England (springfield Mass.) is the most overrated park. Ever since Six Flags took over it has been overcrowded and only has a couple good coasters.
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    SFMM is way overrated.

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    NO NO NO SFMM is very very under rated
    <BR>CP is the one that's way over rated. Also IOA, anything Disney and BGT

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    SFMM is one of the most talked-about parks on any forum I've ever been to! I think it gets the praise it deserves for being a great amusement park.
    <BR>As for overrated parks, I can't say. Out of all the parks I've been to, I can't say any of them doesn't deserve its reputation.
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    SFEG is over rated by being called an "amuesment" park! Disney isn't over rated it's just for kids or kids at heart!!!

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    How is CP overrated? Seriously, how? They have some of the most outstanding rollercoasters in the world in one of best locations. Being out on a peninsula is pretty darn cool if you ask me.
    <BR>SFGAdv is overrated.
    <BR>SFMM is not.
    <BR>IOA is not.
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    IOA NOR ANY DISNEY PARK IS OVER RATED! they all kick royal A$$! the most over rated park is probably SFMM, cause like it or not, its around the most talked about park on the boards, and doesn't live up to the hype its given. now that is far from saying its bad
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    Everything at WDW is overrated. They also rip you off on everything. The parks are also so boring! They have no good fun rides unless you are under 8 years old. There golf courses are advertised like they are so good, but I played on Magnolia and it was just terrible. The whole complex is a rip-off not to mention they make you get a stupid 4 day thing if you want to go to more than one park in just a single day.
    <BR>Also none of the rides at any of the parks are all that good. The only notable ride it Tower of Terror, and even it is overrated. The biggest drop on the thing is only about 50ft.
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    Kennywood is OVERRATED, OVERRATED, OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Of the parks I have been too in the last three years (IOA, BGT, SW, HP, Knoebels, Kennywood, Lakemont, Williamsgrove), the winner for the most overrated goes to...
    <BR>(insert drum roll here)
    <BR>But only for Coasters.
    <BR>I was expecting "greatness" and what did I find... One wooden coaster with a great bit of air time (Jack Rabbit), one slow racer, one average but over rated wooden coaster (Thunderbolt), and one very painful coaster (Steel Phantom).
    <BR>However, as far as parks go... I give Kennywood high ratings. There is a certain old time traditional park charm to it.
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    He's right

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    Oh My Gosh! This is the easiest question....Lets see, SFMM!

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    I'd have to say, Cedar Point. It's always the park that gets all the praise, and does not live up to it's hypers(pun). The best thing I can say about it is the capacity issues are great. But everyone talks about how great the coasters are, who are these people? I didn't find Mantis, Disaster Transport, Corkscrew, Cedar Creek Mine Ride or Magnum very good at all. As far as I'm concearned, they have two great coasters, MF and Raptor. OVERRATED...

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    How can u say disney is overrated? The place is pretty much heaven. Who cares of there arent that many thrill rides, it has so much other stuff that parks dont have like awesome themeing & a good atmosphere to be in. As for the most overrated park, it has to be Cedar Point, yes they have the 14 coasters but how many of them are good? like 4 of them. Also Cedar Point has 1 thing that really annoys me, long, boring, unthemed queue lines. The least they could do is theme lines to make waiting in them bearable. Also all Cedar Point is, is coasters. A good park needs variety so theres something for every1.
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    Disney may have been nice once, but now it is so commercialized as to have lost it's magic.

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    knott's berry farm. take away ghostrider and there is really no point to go there. I hope they expand soon

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    Whoever said on this thread that Holiday World is overrated was smoking way too much crack! They have TWO world class woodies that are VERY well maintained and ZERO trim brakes plus they are VERY reasonably priced on EVERYTHING and have FREE unlimited soft drinks and FREE parking!! I have seen ZERO things wrong with they way they operated their park BUT go to any corporate park and this is what you will find: LONG lines with rides running at less than full capacity,BRAKES on ALL of their woodies, HIGH prices on EVERYTHING, ****ty maintenence on their woodies! ALL corporate parks are overrated but I do sometimes have fun at a park if I haven't been there before! There are a few well run coproate parks: IOA, SFOG, Disney/MGM Studios and SFOT!
    <BR> Medocre run parks are: SFGAM,BGT(because of ****ty way they they like to stack the trains on Gwazi) and SFKK!
    <BR>****ty run parks are Valleyfair, CP, SFMM because of lots of ***hole staplers and TONS of trim brakes and taming down rides that are not that intense in the first place:ie: "Wild" Thing, High Roller, "Mean" Streak, Hercules, Colossus!
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    Disney is WQAY too commercialized!!!
    <BR>I totally agree with that comment - now, it's like everyone on this planet has something offered to them from Disney, so now it doesn't seem as special to say "I'm going to Disney World" - know what i mean? Way too many STUPID gift shops - who wants to pay to shop?? Go to the mall, you get the same stuff - but I do agree, the atmosphere is what's great about Disney - it's always clean, and relatively a safe place to go...

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    Pink Floyd... you're complaining how they load guests into Gwazi or the entire setup of the ride or even the employees??

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    Any one of the Six Flags parks.....mainly some on the east coast. I'm used to going to old-fashioned, traditional parks, like Hershey and Knoebels, where a soda is only like a buck.I'd say Cedar Point, but all of the coasters and rides make up for it in my opinion. <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">
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    How is CP overrated? Okay, some of their coasters are a bit out of date, and some are a little more hyped up than they really are. But, most of their coasters at least WERE good for their time, and I don't think any of them are really bad. For example, Corkscrew used to be a one-of-a-kind ride, and now it's still alright. Magnum, MF, and Raptor (as well as Mean Streak, IMO, but apparently not in many others' opinions) are some of the best of their kind. Sure, not everything there is a stunner, but all around, it gets close to its hype.
    <BR>I would say that SFGADV. is over hyped. They only have 2 good coasters: Nitro & Medusa; and 2 pretty good coasters: Batman: The Ride & Chiller. Chiller is only working about 2/3 of the time; Batman has been copied so many times it makes me sick; Medusa has sort of been copied, but it's still pretty good (though getting quite a bit bumpier), and Nitro is, well, almost perfect. However, I think that it's wrong for them to call themselves "The mother of all coaster parks" since CP and SFMM have them beat already. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty good park, but it is over hyped.

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    i LOVED my trip to cedar point...had the best time....BUT i would also have to agree that it is a little overrated...i mean, don't get me wrong...MF is totally awesome, and i loved raptor....but thats all i did the whole day..MF and raptor....i think they need some better rides...but it is a good park

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    Disney World & Land both are overrated. No decent adrenaline rushes, heck, even Hershey's "Family Inverted Roller coaster" (Great Bear) was better than anything I went on at Disney. I didn't get to go on RnRC, because it wasn't open yet, nor ToT because I didn't enjoy getting scared from theming, nor having weird dreams about the eyeball on the 8th floor.
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    It's really hard to find an overated park. I think Cedar Point receives to much praise for their coaster collection; other than MF, MXL200, & Raptor, the rest are pretty lame.
    <BR>BUT, it is a GREAT PARK, it's clean, great service, good theme, & crowd control is top notch. So I can't say the PARK is overated. Knotts gets alot more credit than it deserves. <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">

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