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    Angry What The?

    Why do they close topics that are similar to others??!!! My topic was perfectly fine, It was pick 15 coasters from anywhere in the world for your dream park.. Some moderator closed it and said that the topic was posted already but it was different! Similar but different! It was like what type of rides or something and people were responding with prices and ride makers and stuff. That pisses me off. Stop closing topics!
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    People get annoyed when the boards are cluttered wiht topics that have been asked repeatedly. Imagine the American Coasters board being filled with topics like:

    -What's your favorite coaster?
    -Is Superman: The Escape a coaster?
    -Cedar Point vs. Magic Mountain

    We have to close all of those posts in an effort to keep our discussion fresh, so on the same token, we have to close your topic even though it is less-frequently asked. It's not personal. We're just enforcing the rules that were laid out for these boards.
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    I think I dealt with the topic you refer to. I actually merged the two topics (I think!), so no posts were lost. I know they are not exactly the same but the coasters in each "dream park, which are after all the main attractions, would be very similar, if not identical.
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