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Thread: Happy 10th Anniversary, ThrillNetwork!

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    Talking Happy 10th Anniversary, ThrillNetwork!

    Ten years. Time sure flies when you are having fun! While I wasn’t around when ThrillRide opened its doors ten years ago today, I have seen it grow into what it is now, ThrillNetwork.

    From simple to complex upgrades and versions, staff changes, members growing up and the ever changing news in this industry our site has continued to give our members a way to stay updated, connected and coming back for more.

    I know back just five years ago I was fresh on the scene and couldn’t believe how cool it was to be a staff member on a website about my favorite hobby, roller coasters. It gave me that edge to do what I loved doing and sharing that enthusiasm with others.

    From being the “rumor chick” to now a leader/administrator didn’t come with an instruction manual. I have grown with our site as we all have. It shows in our postings and the content within our forums. While I used to post short and sweet topics, I have expanded personally to editing, special feature writing, media coverage and editorials. While not everyone likes what I write, I know that people read it and appreciate what we do in our spare time.

    You all have grown with us and have made us better in what we love to. So, I would like to thank each and every one of our members and staffers for being who you are and showing us how to have a good time and to stick around through thick and thin. I appreciate every one of your posts, views and opinions and being there with us. We have enjoyed being here for you and hope to do so for another ten years.

    On a personal note, a HUGE thank you to Steve for keeping this site running for so many years, without you I am sure it wouldn’t be the same. I am glad to know you and I consider you not be just a boss but a good friend. You took the time to show me what I needed know and guided me through personally tough times in my life. You put up with me and my female antics and for that you have the patience of a SAINT! I know you aren’t going anywhere, but you deserve a lot of praise for what you have done here in your spare time in the last ten years. You don’t get enough of it and you deserve more than I can ever write or say to you personally.

    So, to end this, I would like to say:

    “Clear. Sit down! Log in! Hang on! Enjoy your ride!”
    ~Website Admin and Staff Director~

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    Well Said!!! Happy Birthday TN!!!
    It wasn't me, I swear!!!
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    Happy Anniversary ThrillNetwork! Thank you for being the backbone Steve. I didn't realize until the recent upgrade I was a Day One new member of Thrillnetwork as well. 10 years of CHILLERLC1/Leo C. as well.
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    I am a little late, but Happy Anniversary to ThrillNetwork. I have been around for quite some time and seen it grow to what it is to becoming an actual member of the staff. I was not here from the beginning, but I have still seen it grow and hopefully it continues to grow for years to come. It is nice to see other people in this world that share the same love of roller coasters and amusement parks as me. I know my family thinks I'm a bit weird for my passion, but hey it is a great passion to have. Once again, Happy 10th Anniverary while I celebrate 9 years of being on this site as adderrick/Nitro Luvr/ and now Antoine.
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