We here at ThrillNetwork are super excited each year when we know something exciting is coming to any park. We love that the parks love our site and dedication to them.

However, we as well as parks have rules that you must follow.

IF you happen to see constructions markers, actual construction, roller coaster track or anything related to a new ride, please do NOT break the rules when trying to capture these images. This means do not take pictures or video on rides or where prohibited in the park.

If you post an image that is questionable or that has to be removed not only will the image be deleted but you will get a warning. The second time it happens you get a vacation from us. We reserve the right to give you a vacation without warning if the situation calls for it. It is up to the administrators and if a park requests it, we will honor that request.

We do NOT promote breaking the rules and taking pictures of anything that you aren't supposed to. Please use common sense about it and if you aren't sure, ASK! All of our staff will be able to assist you in making sure that you stay safe and out of trouble with parks. Any staff at a park will be glad to answer your questions as well. No question is ever stupid. If you aren't sure it's best to be safe and ask.

Unless you have written permission or are escorted by park management, don't be stupid. Follow the rules so that no one gets injured! Please take a few minutes and re-read our Terms of Service (which you agreed to follow when you registered with us).

Please feel free to ask any questions and we will be happy to answer them for you, or at least get one from a specific park (if you ask about a specific park).