Yes, I know better than going to Cedar Point on a Saturday, but thats when my work has their day. I knew going in lines would be long, but I was a little suprised by how long or short some were. My friend Jacob and I arrived at 11AM and didn't leave until 10PM. Here is our day, pictures hopefully follow.

-Magnum was a quick 15 min. wait. Nice ride with nice airtime, second to last car.
-Gemini of course was 15 min, but the line was past the steps to the station and around the corner. They were racing the trains! They wern't racing the last couple visits, so I was glad to see some action this time. It also actually felt smoother than normal.
-Swings, just as a warm up for Wind Seeker later.
-Power Tower launch was a walk on. We didn't ride the drop which had a 3/4 hr wait.

-TTD about an hour wait, not too bad. This was my friends first time and he was nervous but definately liked it. We got the on ride photo. I've still only been wrong once about him liking a ride, thats the zipper and we rode at the IX indoor park. He will ride it with me, only if I can't find someone else to ride with.
-Blue Streak was not a walk on! actually had to wait just a hair more than 15 min. Classic ride, plenty of airtime.
-Disaster Transport about a 1/2 hr wait in the nice air conditioning. The lighting was perfect, light on the decorations, dark when it was supposed to be so you can't see where you're headed right after the brake run.

-Wind Seeker! Only about 1/2 hr wait. I was nervous about this one, not usually a fan of swing rides. This ride provided a very nice view with a nice breeze and some enjoyable music. Two rides before us was Star Wars music, one ride before was Harry Potter. I didn't recognize the music we had, but it was comforting. The only time I got scared was when I pointed at something on the lake and realized there wasn't something under my arm for 301 ft. PS my night pics didn't turn out the greatest, I was using an unfamiliar camera.
-Iron Dragon actually had a 1/2 hr wait. This was my first coaster, and I'm dissapointed with how rough it is now days. It feels like you're on a bumpy assembly line which has to jerk to get its tail to follow.
-The train was utilized. Unfortunately, the Sky Ride was down all day.

-Mean Streak actually had a line all day, an hour at one point. Why anyone would wait an hour for this peice of firewood is beyond me. I take back everything I said about my last visit. Whatever they fixed in the off season is no longer fixed and is worse than last year.
-Maverick we saw that Maverick was down and did Very Mean Streak first. Upon comming back, we waited 5 minutes and they started testing. It was about 3/4 hr wait total, we timed the line just right, there was a huge crowd behind us (see pic).
-We checked out the starlight experience. I thought it was fairly decent, and I bet families really enjoy the Snoopy characters. I did think it was strange that they had most of the Frontier Trail shops closed. Wouldn't CP want to capitalize on bringing additional guests to that area of the park and try to get them to buy stuff?

-After checking MF (mech. problems), Mantis 3/4 hr, Wind Seeker 3/4 hr., WT (closed while in line); we rode the space needle for a night time view of the park. The windows still need cleaned, and my camera again came out with mostly blurry pics. I don't know what I did differently for the train.

-Last ride was Ocean Motion in its new location. Word to the wise, don't leave or loose anything you value. The ride op made the mistake of comming up to the loaded boat with a pair of sunglasses, which two women were arguing to claim. They ran the ride, and afterward I saw the one talking to the ride host, and the other came up and snatched them from the booth. This became one woman chasing after another, all for a pair of sunglasses! I don't know the outcome besides there was at least one unhappy mother and possibly a daughter.

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