Hi all!

We are really looking to beef up our database. One thing in recent months has been our park reviews on each page has had a bug in them and we are working to fix them. We would like to see you guys really contribute to park reviews and hopefully submit a few.

Right now, our goal is major parks first and then work our way down. If you are interested, please PM of which park(s) you are interested in doing on for and I will give you my email to submit it to. I won't turn down any park review.

I really want to see everything about a park when you visit including:

-Ride selection
-Food (quality, prices)
-Games (are they easy, crappy, not good prizes, etc.)
-Water park (if applicable)
-Admission prices/discounts
-Overall thoughts on the park
-Perks offered (season pass holders too!)
-Anything else you can think of.

We want you to be in-depth and don't shorten things. Your experience is unique which makes each review unique and that is what we want. If you hated a ride, say so and why. You don't want to dump all over a park, but really bring out everything from the good to the bad to the ugly. Parks will appreciate it, we will when travelling and new people looking to visit certain parks.

Thanks again, I can't wait to get the reviews and read them!