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Thread: My coaster collection

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    My coaster collection

    I used to do this alot back about 2 years ago. Then I got a life (not really haha). Oh well here is a collection of my work. Some of its good, some of its bad (Like patriot)

    Blast Off

    This was one of my first designs I messed around with

    Blast Off V2

    Star Tours (Modified off of Blast Off)

    I think I dropped the helix portion towards the end though. But you can see the pretty nice upgrade to the pre-show theme work and some attempts to fix other parts of the ride

    Moonshine Express

    Yeah this one wasn't really a great one. I did go back in and replace basically everything from the end to the brakes in the middle. But no video due to computer crash. This is the one I decided to use custom items however


    Did this back in Jr year (like 3 years ago). Its a terrible coaster for realism but who knows.

    Thunder Run

    This wasn't that bad if you consider the limitations RCT3 puts on your designs (like not being able to change how much the track twists, bends etc)

    Soul Crusher

    I modified this coaster off and on getting rid of the splash area and removing unnecessary pieces but no video of that version.

    Boulder Dash

    I actually really liked this one. It's a jr woodie so thats why its not a big scream machine.


    My first attempt at a lay-down. Mixed results.

    Patriot: Red & Blue



    First attempt at a suspended coaster. I had to make both rides in 5 days plus the theme work and everything. So its understandable they came out with mixed results. First coaster I used cs supports and footers plus station and queue as well

    Unnamed Dueling Suspended Coaster

    After failing Patriot I decided to try playing with the concept. This actually did fairly well.


    This is the coaster that got me into doing these. Our school project was to make a report on our American dream and about ourselves so I made this basically to get a screenshot of the ride to use on a poster. I liked it so much I went back and further edited it to this version

    Star Wars: The Ride

    And you had to know this was coming based off of Star Tours lol. This was a month long project of insanity. I had planned to make it into a actual park so I really went all out dressing up the exterior. It was well worth it though.

    Riddler's Revenge

    I decided to save the best for last. I spent about 7 days on this and it looks pretty good.

    So you can see I can do a very good coaster if I feel like it. And that I have matured in my design skills One thing I always try to do on the coasters is to "ride them" and note any slight bump, like going around a turn, a loop etc. then I go abcka nd see if I can get rid of the bump. Basically to me the bump would represent a jarring motion on a real coaster so its a way to increase the realism. Obviously I didnt do that on Patriot haha
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