I don't know if anyone is realizing the fact that water rides these days are becoming highly unpopular and people don't ride them as much as they used to. But splashdown rides are sort of becoming popular with that impressive ride over at Holiday World Pilgrim's Plunge, it is one of the most amazing splashdown rides ever created in the U.S if you ask me. A unique elevator cable lift.....highest drop of any water ride in the U.S and I believe the world. Perilous Plunge at Knott's Berry Farm out in L.A is next followed by I guess Tidal Force at Hersheypark. Will we see anymore splashdown water rides, flume rides, or river rapids rides open at any U.S or any park around the world? You see Six Flags, Cedar Fair,Palace Entertainment,etc adding more water rides like the ones I mentioned above? Bdcause I do some Six Flags parks could use a couple of splashdown rides most definitely. Could I be wrong and could these water rides that used to be very popular have they like faded for good and we will never see any future water rides in the near future?