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Thread: Article: Park Spotlight: HersheyPark

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    Article: Park Spotlight: HersheyPark

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    I finally got to Hersheypark in 2010 and loved the place from the start.

    Great town and great park.

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    I haven't been there since April of 1984. It was raining and most of the park was closed at the time, but I did get a ride on Comet. It is near the top of my list of parks to visit in the future, maybe even this year.
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    Hersheypark has been instrumental to my becoming an enthusiast. For years I had a handful of visits to the more local Six Flags Great Adventure and Dorney Park. After I had worked at Great Adventure at Batman & Robin: The CHILLER and learned about a park employee free park visit program I never took advantage of the "new" Six Flags America drew me a year later with the use of the DC licensing on the fellow Premier launcher Joker's Jinx. After SFA I visited Hersheypark late in the summer for my first amusement park visit, Cedar Point the following year and the rest has been history.

    Hersheypark has been the toughest of the three parks in my home market circle for me to get a grip on. I had the least visits there and it's the farthest of my three: SFGADV, DP, and HP, to get to. All three are advertised on my home cable. HP and DP have both been advertised at the same Phillies games I've been to over the years. In contrast I have basically settled opinions on Great Adventure and Dorney.

    Hershey the town and the park have been advertised as the "Sweetest Place on Earth" and with family minded jingles that gave me the impression the park was a charming place. Was it? I found during my first visit to the park in 1999 before what I called an absurd growth period I stepped back and took a snapshot. I found I liked the older Comet Hollow section of the park. With the addition of a new half of the park Midway America and Lightning Racer in 2001 I thought Hershey indeed was.

    When Rollersoaker and Stormrunner came I thought the park had reached absurdity with its growth. It continued on I thought with Fahrenheit and the Boardwalk waterpark within the park. Stormrunner is a very big favorite of mine, the other choices are not too popular with me.

    With each new visit for each new star attraction that debuted I wasn't sure if the charm was still there because I didn't think the dust settled from the growth. Hersheypark though became a world class park. Their wooden coasters are world class with a leading respectable selection of three. I realized in the highly competitive local thrill market of the Northeast Hershey chose coaster brands and types provided by Intamin that countered the B&M selections of their competition: Great Adventure and Dorney Park. The diversity has reaped a very enriching experience for thrill seekers of the area.

    Looking back the park was already going through its aggressive growth pattern when Wildcat and the Great Bear was added with its absurdly designed supports. My visits to the park in recent years have resulted in very crowded paths. That speaks on the reception of the park to the public. The crown of the coaster assortment at Hersheypark is coming in 2012. I look forward to the addition of Skyrush to push the limits of design and the application of forces and the eventual expansion of the park to the former golf course property.

    My opinion of Hersheypark is not set in stone as it's still a work in progress. It's actually about to reach another chapter.

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    I'm planning a coaster trip, most likely in May, involving this park. Definitely looking forward to it!

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    My current favorite is still Great Bear, but I'm eager to try out Skyrush. The seats on either end are suspended without a floor under your feet.....

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