I loved working at Kings Island during The Haunt last year. I was in Cut Throat Cove. Was fun to scare people and tell people where things were in the park. I was on my feet for 8+ hours which was nothing to me. I work for a hospital in Columbus, Ohio full time. Telling the teens who worked in the house i was in about the morgue was funny as heck. I applyed for a spot for this season back in Dec. It's extra money to me. And i won't have to buy a season pass either. Lol. It's also nice to tell the guest's everything you know about the park without looking at the park map. I was asked last year if i worked at the park for years. I said no. I just spend too much time here. Lol. I know i heard the teens whining more then the adults about being worked to hard. Hearing the supers yelling at the guest's for doing bad stuff in the haunted houses made me smile and laugh. It's something you always want to hear and see done when a guest is being stupid. It's kinda the same feeling when you see a guard taking a guest out of the park for line jumping.