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Thread: Would you use this safety device if available at parks?

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    Would you use this safety device if available at parks?

    I am looking for feedback from members. Would you use a device that would instantly locate your lost child should they become separated from you at a theme park? How much would you be willing to pay for one day's rental from the park?

    Sovereign Technologies Corp. has developed a product that makes it possible to instantly locate a lost child should they become separated from their group at theme parks.

    The product uses small transmitter tags that the child wears or is put into their pocket. If the child goes missing, the parent notifies a park employee who can have the child's tag number instantly pulled up on a computer showing the exact location of the child within the park. A photo of the child taken that day can also be included on the computer so park employees can see what the child looks like and is wearing that day. Receivers at exits also notify park employees if the child left the park, from which exit and at what time. The product can also sound an alarm if someone tries to leave the park with a tag.

    This product does not rely on costly GPS or unreliable cell phone technology. It also allows the parents to take action and not have to rely on the child finding a park employee to get help.

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    I don't have a kid so I don't know if I would use it. Also to me it seems like 5 dollars for the day would be a good price however this is a theme park we are talking about so fair market value to charge on such an item would be 30-50 a day.

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    I've seen some cell phone apps advertised to do this, but that only works if the child is carrying a cell phone or something else emitting the signal. Currently I don't have a wife or child, so this doesn't apply to me too much. But I could see a parent of a younger kid using it. At my state fair, they do the lost kid tags for free.
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    I have the best solution... cheap and low tech... a leash. No batteries, GPS, Cell Phone, or RFID (or any other high-tech device) needed. It also doesn't crash like a GPS or cell phone might or be susceptible to jamming.
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    I believe there is some potential for this product if it is implemented under the right conditions. At Michigan's Adventure, I would say last summer I encountered maybe 15-20 lost children, or parents with lost children, so I do believe there is a need for this product. But it would probably be considered low priority since many parents may think they are not irresponsible enough to lose their child. The product's competition also needs to be considered. Parks like SFGAM have a speaker system, SFOT has a location for employees to bring lost children, and MA has wristbands to put on the children with the parent's cellphone number. These are all cheaper and effective alternatives, so a child locator would appeal to only the most paranoid of parents. But here's my 3 keys to this product's success:

    1) The product should not cost more than 25%-33% of the cost of admission. Discounted packages need to be offered to family's with multiple children.
    2) The product must be upsold at the admission gate with EVERY purchase of a children's/junior's admission ticket. This product's greatest strength is it can be sold before the guests have been tempted to spend their money inside the park.
    3)The product must be fast. If the guest needs to walk all the way to the front of the park, wait in line at guest services, and then walk to the back of the park with an employee to find their child, I believe the product with fail. If the guest can tell any employee their child is missing, the employee can phone guest services, and then guest services can communicate by radio with a manager already in the area, I believe the product has a chance.
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    I believe Dollywood sells a product like this, at least they did in 2008 at Splash Country. Even then not many people used it. I wouldnt use it if I had kids.
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    Thank you all for your feedback. It is much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlockard View Post
    Thank you all for your feedback. It is much appreciated.
    As someone who has worked in themeparks for several years, I can certainly see it being something that would absolutely have a market and people wanting to use it, if the price was right. It would certainly make it easier when a child is lost. It would be especially nice if it would work both ways- if you found a child that there was a way to lookup where the parents are.

    Remember, this forum isn't a good place to get ideas of what might work in a park with the general public. Many of those who post here are seasoned veterans of parks and now how to keep track of kids in the parks- if they even have kids.

    as for the "leash" advice- not practical on the rides or getting on or off of them. They can be a safety hazard there, and you certainly can't follow a kid around a kiddie ride with the leash either. Very common place to lose kids is getting off a kiddie ride that the parents aren't able to ride with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven View Post
    I have the best solution... cheap and low tech... a leash. No batteries, GPS, Cell Phone, or RFID (or any other high-tech device) needed. It also doesn't crash like a GPS or cell phone might or be susceptible to jamming.
    You will get incredibly dirty looks from people with a child on a harness (and these will be the same people who give you incredibly dirty looks if your kid goes missing from you for a split second...)

    And once junior figures out all he has to do is run around you in a circle three or four times....

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    I can see this being used by someone with a lot of kids, or in large group where it would be hard to keep track of everyone. As a mom with just one child, I wouldn't bother, I can keep my eye on my own kid just fine.

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