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Thread: Freestyle Music Park/Hard Rock Park to Re-open??

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    Lightbulb Freestyle Music Park/Hard Rock Park to Re-open??

    YES it will! FPI US LLC cannot find investors, the park has failed twice and I think this time if it is family-owned it will not fail. This is going to take a true grassroots effort to bring it into fruition!
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    Family-owned businesses get more involved in their communities and surrounding areas, they understand that they are apart of the culture there and fight to survive longer than typical too big to fails.

    If any visited the park before, I know you miss it and I know I do as well as the original Pavilion amusement park. I know many of us were sad and felt pretty let down when it was tore down. Freestyle Music Park may not have as long as a history as the Pavilion or even Magic Harbor park(Pirateland Amusement Park.)

    But one thing is for sure, this has to stop. What will become to formally be known as Freestyle Music Park is too much of a great park to continue to see go to waste. Let's not let the history of what occurred with Magic Harbor Park continue. As it opened in 1964, closed in 1972, reopened in 1975 to be repossessed and reopened again in 1976 before closing and opened one last time in 1983. Let's not allow another park that has a lot of potential crumble. I have started a project to raise the money to buy the park and turn it into a Family-owned and operated park. When businesses are Family owned traditionally they do more and are more involved in their community and sustaining that. I believe in Myrtle Beach and I know several of you who are reading this do as well!
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    I have several plans that would create sustainable job-growth, provide job security, & attract new businesses all while boosting the economy. The three stores remaining open by the park are hoping the doors will re-open as they know themselves they would see a boost as well.

    All this can certainly be achieved with the assistance of a key veteran Leisure consultant (Peter Alexander) whose work helped make Walt Disney World Orlando the success that it is today.

    The same rides we have come to love at the park will remain, along with several new being added as there will be an entirely new theme for the park and a 2nd park added which will be apart of the redevelopment and expansion plans. The two themes for each park will coincide it's going to be the best of both worlds.

    I have launched one of what will be multiple campaigns, I am always looking for help as help doesn't always come in the form of donations. That being stated if any are interested in becoming involved in our street team please feel free to reply or reach out to me on one of the provided links.

    Outback Oasis Park | Facebook
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    Also keep in mind even if you can't donate, helping spread the word on this project does just as much good. Let's help save Myrtle Beach's attraction industry and keep theme parks alive!

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    What is your personal background with amusement park operation and/or development?
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    As far as background with amusement park operation, there is none, this is my beginning in the industry. However, I have held management positions in other industries such as Customer Service Management for Telecommunications industries, and one thing the two do share is Customer Service and that the Customer always comes first because without customers, there will be no park. I do not want to continue using the term customer for this industry because I would like to hold the notion that each of you are a guest and apart of the extended family that will make this theme park a park. As being this is a grassroots movement from the ground up it's the people who will make this dream come alive.

    I have been doing a lot of online research over the past year and a half and have studied what makes theme parks fail as well as what makes them thrive. Contracting Peter Alexander will help in the actual development, I have several ideas but it will be Peter Alexander who would actually design the 3D model of what I envision. I have family that works and has worked in the Construction industry for over 10+ years (a couple are land surveyors) and I would employ their top performers that Clary Hood has to offer to expedite the constructing process in redevelopment.

    I would not be the only key figure in operating the park, as It is often the case that consulting firms which write feasibility studies are interested parties, sometimes earning sweat equity and/or would also like to manage the property that they are studying. This would ensure that there will be a cadre of critical managers or consultants who have done this before involved during the development of the business and marketing plans to ensure that all strategies are properly vetted and nothing critical is left undone.

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    I suggest you guys go to and start donating and spreading the word today!
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    Excellent news on discover myrtle beach !

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    Ehh, I don't see this happening. That's a lot they want to add, not counting everything else that would need changed up. Seems more like a dream than an actual plan. If you ever need an accountant though, I'm your guy,lol.
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    Time to move that B&M to the other Carolina park that people actually go to. Talk of this park opening again is laughable at best. It is time to face the music: this park was an epic failure and will never be successful. So start selling off the rides to other people before they become so dated that the assets are a 100% loss!
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