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Thread: LIMs on Wooden Coasters

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    LIMs on Wooden Coasters

    Could they make a wooden coaster using LIMs instead of a chain lift? Maybe even place LIMs along the circuit to give the train a boost?

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    The technology is certainly there to do it, but I wonder if engineer wise it is possible. LIM/LSM is based off precision built straight track. That is only possible with steel track. A wood track can be built straight, but it is still hand made on site. Even Intamins pre-fab is still not as precision as steel. On take off, I wonder if the forces are sustainable on wood for a prolonged period of time without requiring track replacement more often than usual. Not only that, but can our bodies deal with a 0-60 MPH take off on wooden track? How rough would that be? Sure we can do it on the maneuvers itself because it is gradual speed and not sudden speed. Makes you wonder if this is pushing the envelope on what the body can handle. If this was ever built, I think the takeoff track would need to be made of steel. If not, even I would be hesitant to ride it.
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    They're the main component on the dream 500'+ tall launched wooden looping inverted wooden coaster.
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