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Thread: Another Photo TR of HWN 12

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    Another Photo TR of HWN 12

    I haven't been on this forum much (didn't even know I had a user name), but I am friends with Kate on facebook.

    I seen the other TR posted, so here is just the text portion of the report.

    I won't bore anyone with a drawn out part.

    Lets start with rides:

    *Voyage: I have ridden this beast over 50 times since it opened. This year it is running the best it has ever ran.

    *Legend/Raven: Both these coasters are running in prime form also.

    *Mammoth: due to the freezing cold water and air temps, I only rode it once, it is a fun ride. I was expecting another Wildebeest, I like that it isn't. It is a fun family ride.

    *Wildebeest: Fun as usual if there is no line

    *Sparkler: Something was funky about the buckles, it was digging into my legs and hurting. It is a great addition to the park, but nothing like Windseeker (which I like and expected it not to be like).

    Odds and ends:

    *Seeing how far HW goes to make sure everyone enjoys the event and its activities makes me happy. My friend Kat was in a wheelchair because she hurt her foot the week previous. I was wondering if she was going to be able to do the "walk backs" like she wanted to. Holiday World took her (and her fiance and fiance's brother) and Josh (who was in a wheelchair also for a reason that I don't, and his family) in two different golf carts so they could still do them. I don't know how many other parks would do this.

    * The event, to me, is not about riding. It is talking to friends, strangers, who ever and socializing.

    Anyway, onto some photos (side note: these photos are no particular order)

    Legend at Dusk

    While waiting for friends after the Voyage walk back, got some nature photos.

    Hypothermia: the ride

    Broken Intamin....SURPRISE

    Again, the fact that HW took people who probably couldn't do the walk back on golf carts is nice.

    I was told the wave pool water was warmer, but I had dry clothes on already and wasn't going to get wet anymore.

    I figure Kate knows who I am now. I think this is in the right section.

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    I sure do! Thanks for posting these!
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    Thanks for sharing. You got some really good pictures.
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