Well this is our first trip this year to Cedar Point and I can only describe it as amazing. We have visited Cedar Point for the past 5 years always making the road trip from West of Atlanta Ga some 12 hours to the (I.M.O.P) best park in the world. Fortunatly this time we got to fly to Dayton and rent a car on the low low forever spoiling us. So here goes

Sunday 6/3
Rise and shine at 5a.m to head off to Atl and fly fly away.

8:20 flight leaves Atlanta
mmm nothing like a cold beer at 35,000 feet. Wife to me" your having a beer at 9 in the morning" Me to wife" Its vacation and if we were in Japan it would be totally exceptable"

10:10 arrive in Dayton and rent a car
a meer 3 hours later we arrive at Cedar Point. I say meer compared to the normal 12 hours of in car time.

2:30 checked in at Breakers. Wife takes a moment to relax I head to TGIFridays to start the Cedar Point drinking game.

2:45 Headed toward MF to get our first ride in. Grab another beer at Last Chance saloon and head for the line
Holy no line batman, Only a 15 minute wait to get to the turn style and About 5 more for Front of train. MF never disapoints, love this coaster have since the first time I rode it.

Off to TTD after of coarse stopping for another beer at last chance. If you havent figure out the CP drinking game its drink,ride,drink,ride so on and so forth

3:15 ish...Get to TTD with fresh beer in hand and whats this almost no line again. What did we win some kind of CP lottery. Felt bad for the suckers that paid for the fast lane passes today, but not really. Only a 20 minute wait for front of car!!!!

Now Im fealing a litte braver after hammering a shot and 4 beers.(not recomended for those who can't drink like a true Irishman) So off to the Power Tower. Note: I am terrified of nonroller coaster drop rides, wife loves them but they do scare the you know what out of me. However with a little liquid encouragement Lets do this.

3:50 ish Power Tower launch side, no line walk up access, dispite budwiesers help I'm a little freaked out getting on this thing. My heart is racing and addrenaline is pumping as the breathing dragon is getting ready to launch us 300 ft into the air. Next thing you know bam shoots us up, drops us down and I am a new man with an ear to ear grin on my face.

4:00 ish Power Tower drop side, no line walk up access, Again a little more nervious about this but what the heck survived launch so lets get this on. At the top looking around I have to say what a great view of the park, you really get a chance to look around and enjoy all of CP from that vantage point. As we are soaking in the view we are blasted to the ground both screaming and laughing at the same time. Again this is only the 5th time I have been on any drop tower and I have to say I have now forever changed my opinion on tower rides. Exit the ride and go for one more quick go around being there is still no line.

4:30 ish Grab another beer and head for Maverick, but whats this Maverick is closed...boo hiss this really sucks but what can you do???? Oh head to Mean Streak to try out the new improvement on my beer filled blatter.

4:40 ish. Mean Streak , No line walk up access, add 2 runs for front seat and off we go. Now despite many views on MS I have loved this ride all along. I personally like the uncontrolled unpredictable nature of wooden coasters and MS is one of my favorites. The new work that CP put into MS during the off season is apparent. Much smoother ride, still a wooden coaster but way smoother then when previously riden in the past.

5:00 ish and taking a break from the CP drinking game. I can drink but this is just drink,drink,drink, I do think there were other people in the park but not many at all. Perfect day after travelling all this way. Time to head back over to MF for another round.

Stopping at Rides along the way we had no line access to SkyHawk. All water rides also had no line but not my thing to walk around in wet clothes.

5:30 ish MF again even less line. Walk up access, wait 3 trains for front. Its hard when the only decision you have to make is do do you want to sit on the inside or outside of the train..

Ok no more time reports because I have given up on keeping track at this point. So we do another trip on MF cant beat walking off a ride then walking around and getting back on. This time no wait for back of the train. Having never riden MF in the back this was an experiance. Much smoother then I thought it was gonna be and holy crap its a lot faster in the back. Good times good times.

Time to head to Raptor, this is a ride we usaully have to skip because of the extremely long wait time. Also I have never rode front seat because of these extremly long waits but not this time. 20 min for front seat baby. Thats right just about walk up for raptor, how can this be. I do love this ride, one of my favorite inverted coasters, It barelly beats Afterburner at carowinds but what a great ride.

At this point we are feeling the burn from more walking then waiting so we decide to hit Blue Streak and take a break to get something to eat. And another drink or two.

Back to the park. Wife is taking a break so its up to me to ride as much as I can as a single rider to ever propale my coaster count higher then hers. See in our marriage its about bragging rights.

Walk up to MF second row 1 car in front of me, low and behold single rider in front row so that walk up to front row on MF can't beat only waiting 3 minutes to ride a coaster.

10 min to front row on TTD. Thats right 10 minutes. how is this happening, Im waiting to awake from this dream as the plane is landing in dayton because we never get this lucky.

I then head to MaxAir for a quick spin also walk up and back to the room to get my wife for the fun after the sunsets.

Back in the park with wife in tow and dark is now apon us. We of course head straight to TTD because the lines are no existant. 15 min front row. Walk off and return for instant back row, then walk off and return for intant middle of the train. The new lighting around the park is something to be seen from the top of TTD. However since it goes by so quick there is only one place we can go to get an long view of all the lighting improvements to the park and thats windseeker.

Arg!!!!! Windseeker is closed, I have put off riding any windseeker because of my whole drop tower terror I have had and now I am pumped to ride it but its closed. OH well second best option now is Power Tower drop side. and you guessed it walk up access. What a view with luminosity going, the new lighting on MF, TTD and everything else lit up.

Amazing amazing day at CEDAR POINT!!!! Went on to ride MF 2 more times and our final ride was TTD one more time in the front with fireworks blasting into the night sky... What a day, off to Fridays to have an appetizers and a night cap.....

Day 2 Monday 6/4

Start the day off with a heavy breakfast at Perkins and off to the park for early entry

First thing maverick, Finally up and running. Its like a shot of espresso in the morning. Maybe waited about 15-20 minutes for front of car

MF front car is like a cup of coffee to go with that espresso.

TTD front of car, wow 3rd ride of the day all before the parks opens= awesomeness

Here come's the crowds running at us breaking off to go to MF or TTD. Such a funny sight to see people running like there is no tomorrow towards us as we walk towards the front of the park. We have a tradition of getting our picture at the front of every park we visit. Sort of our family photo album thing. Along with a couple ride photos here and there thrown in.

Monday was a busy day at CP not super busy but way more then Sunday. Line wait time was usually 30-45 min on most ride. MF got to about an hour at one time same with TTD. And beleave me I am only saying busy in based off Sunday's numbers, we made the mistake of visiting during halloween a couple years back and ride wait times were 2-3 hours or more and you couldn't walk a straight line because all the people.

All and all it was a great trip. Can't wait till the end of August to do it all again. We were going to head to kings island on Tuesday before our flight back but decided to head to Mansfield Reformatory and do a self guided walking tour instead. This was my wifes choice and being I had beaten her at the coaster count I humbly submitted. however next trip we are going to Kings Island again.

Thanks for taking time to read about our weekend adventure. May the coasters be tall and the lines be fast,