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Thread: Article: What makes a coaster enthusiast tick? Part one

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    Article: What makes a coaster enthusiast tick? Part one

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    I agree that it is a great stress reliever. Although I like 'normal' vacations from time to time, I am all about the adrenaline rush you get from roller coasters. Very little of my friends share the same addiction, which would explain why often I go to amusement parks alone. I do like the fact that my sister's husband is a coaster fanatic too. Not as much as me, he stays local. But he loves the thrill though. I am all about airtime on roller coasters. Can not stand a boring ride and I am not big on these new gimmicks. Although some are some pretty good gimmicks, the majority of my favorite rides were invented in the late 90s to early 2000. I can never get enough of my homepark, but there comes a time where I want to experience something else too. Being in Europe for a couple of years allowed me to explore more and the Europeans have some awesome coasters too. Many that rival and in some cases surpass their American like counterpart. It can be an expensive addiction, but a regular vacation is expensive too. Better to spend money on something I love as opposed to something I will only 'like'.

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    I think that part of it is that while momost news outlets spend all of their time talking about politics, it's nice to read about something, and think about something fun for a change.

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    Airtime, airtime, airtime. I'll tolerate a ride beating the hell out of me if it's giving good airtime. Floater air, ejector air- it's ALL good to me.

    Big numbers are nice, but if there's no air, I lose interest after a few rides. That's why a small coaster like Cornball Express will rate so much higher to me than some big gimmicky thing like Top Thrill Dragster.

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    Airtime is the biggie for me although I like a lot of the other elements. The biggest turn off to me is a rough ride.

    The overall park experience is almost as big to me as a coaster.
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