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Thread: Awesome Onride Footage - Thorpe Park

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    Cool Awesome Onride Footage - Thorpe Park

    Hi Guys, I went to Thorpe Park this weekend and shot the below footage safely with the GoPro HD Cam with the very safe Chest mount.

    I would recommend any coaster enthusiast get one of these cams, having it face up to get face view is really cool!

    Hope you all enjoy!

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    Did you have prior approval from the park to film? ThrillNetwork does not allow POV's unless they are legally allowed by the park.
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    Welcome to ThrillNetwork!

    I really can't speak for overseas parks like Thorpe Park, but since most parks here in the U.S. forbid the practice of taking pictures or shooting video on coasters without prior consent (not from a ride operator but from someone from park management) for safety reasons. With that, we don't allow the posting of, or encouraging, taking such pictures or video, regardless of equipment used. It's actually in our Terms of Use (Item #5).

    As I said, overseas parks may lack those rules, but it really depends on the local laws or the park rules. Though, pleading ignorance doesn't really count since they're often part of ride spiels, park literature and/or signs, and such.
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    They have the same rules as we do over here. Far more stricter than we are if I remember correctly. I know for a fact that Air at Alton Towers got an emergency brake cause a kid got a cell phone out to video record the ride (there is video of it somewhere).
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