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Thread: TR: Indiana Beach with a rookie to the Beach.

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    TR: Indiana Beach with a rookie to the Beach.

    On the 8th of June, Sarah (my girlfriend) and myself went up to Indiana Beach. I halfway enjoyed my day up there on my birthday despite the wooden coasters being not open last year. With news that the park is improving, I was looking forward to going back. The other thing I always look forward to is going to see Helen in Fascination. The third part of this trip was that my girlfriend was not much of a coaster fan before. I don't know why, but she has ridden a few before but never enjoyed them (if I remember she had ridden Raven, Racer, Stunt Coaster, Flight Deck, and another coaster I think).

    Since she worked the night before, we left for IB around 11:30am and got to the park around 3 (after a lunch stop). I can't remember the exact stops we did. We did start out on Tig'rr coaster. I figured it would be a good litmus test to see if she would like them. She liked Tig'rr so I figured I would go for broke. We made our way to Cornball and went to the second to last row (last row was closed off for some reason). After the ride, she was smiling big and she was hooked. We ended up riding all the coasters once and rode Steel Hawg twice and Galaxi three times. We also rode the double shot, she loved it also. Den of Lost Thieves was ridden and we did the short cruise on the Queen (included on POP again). She also enjoyed hte bumper cars.

    During the day we were in Fascination three times. I didn't keep track of how many games we played, I didn't care, I love that game.

    Helen and myself

    My prize for the day.

    Around 8 we went to Burger and Shake and got some food. After consuming my food, Sarah grabbed her shake and we headed to Lake Shore Drive in. She had never been to a drive in before, so I was happy to introduce her to something that is not that common. We were on the screen for Madagascar 3 and Snow white and the huntman. With the 2.5 hour drive home, after Madagascar 3 was done, we headed home.

    I am excited for her to try Diamondback on the 30th of this month, I was losing my interest in parks because I was always going to parks alone. With someone to ride with, I want to go to more. I am somewhat sad that she will get a coaster I don't have possibly next month. She is going on a cruise with some friends and spending a day in Disney. I don't have Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (broke down while I was in line) and I want to go just for that one coaster.

    Overall, can't wait to see what she thinks of Voyage next month when our small group at church goes to Holiday World.

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    Parks are best enjoyed in groups or with someone. It's kind of hard to do it alone. I've enjoyed hitting up Holiday World two years in a row (last year was my first). Hopefully she'll love Voyage.
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    I will say I am kicking myself for two things, not riding coasters until I was 24 and not asking anyone out until I was 29. I will say I am not kicking myself over who I asked out, even on just doing things around town or going for walks on trails, I just enjoy time with her. I have had some thoughts going through my head, but am holding them off until later this year to feel things out. If I still have the same thoughts, I am going to give her a big surprise on her birthday in December. Bigger then Valentines day (couldn't make a dinner, so I had a friend who is in a band we both like call her and sing to her and sent flowers to her as she was eating with the small group. The only thing I hate about that day is I didn't get to see her reaction when she got the phone call. Someone got it on their cell phone, but it was purged when it was almost out of memory by the phone).

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    Don't kick yourself for starting things late. You can't change the past, and if you dwell on it too much, you'll lessen your enjoyment of the future.
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    I got to admit, that I have loved every minute since I asked her out. I wanted to do it for months before hand but couldn't get the nerve to do it. I am thankful for email because neither of us are about asking things in person. A lot of things good to me has happened since I started going to the church I go to now. I was sorta against "big churches" when I first started going. The big church feel went away the minute I got into the small group I am in. Many great friends when I had a few before. My old church had around 50-70, my new church has around 400-600 a service if not more. Now I consider a big church like the Joel Esteen church in Houston. I went on my first mission trip to New Orleans in 2009, I know two wonderful ladies I will never forget down in NOLA that I miss dearly. If I ever get near NOLA again, I am going to visit them even if it is just for a couple hours.

    Sorry to get off topic.

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    Glad you had such a good time. I don't mind going to parks alone but it is always more fun with at least one more person.
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