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Thread: Chcek out this Swiss "Miniature" Coaster

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    Chcek out this Swiss "Miniature" Coaster

    Saw it today at some streetfestival in Germany where Switzerland was the featured guest. The tourism office went all out on this one, so I had to take a quick handy video. I loved that thing and could have watched it all day long(but some beer was calling my name)

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    Thats pretty awesome. So many little details to figure out.
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    That was great! Reminds me of a steel ball contraption I saw at the Oklahoma City Museum of Science that had probably 100 balls in motion. However, this one was much more detailed, with a lot of really nice ball-moving methods. Thanks for posting!
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    That is great! Thanks for posting. Hopefully no ride manufacturers get the idea of putting us inside a ball...
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