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Thread: Cedar Point/Kings Island trip

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    Question Cedar Point/Kings Island trip

    My mother wants to take a family vacation before my brother and I go back to school. At the beginning of August we're including two stops in Ohio at Cedar Point and Kings Island. What would be some hotel suggestions for each of those areas? Price is the number one priority as we're not picky people and don't need luxury accommodations; we're a family of enthusiasts and will be at the parks ALL day. I'm looking on multiple booking/travel sites for possibilities but I figured I'd ask all the experts here for advice.

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    Strangely having been to so many amusement parks before, this is not something I specialize in at all. I'm not big on fancy hotels either, but I also get military discounts for just about every hotel out there. So I'm saving regardless. But generally I book at Holiday Inn Express or Best Western. I always know what I am getting with them and with school, I need to ensure all hotels have good internet access at night to do homework while traveling. When I go to Cedar Point, I stay at the Best Western there about 2 miles from the park. I never stayed at a hotel by Kings Island though because I was always stopping there enroute to a different park (Usually CP).
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    If you aren't picky, I've heard the Knights Inn in Sandusky is on the cheap side. It isn't much to look at on the outside, but it isn't on the main drag either, IE faster drive to the park going the back way. (Follow Cedar Point signs through most of town, you will end up making a slight left onto 1st street, which takes you to the causeway.) If I need to spend the night up there, I've always stayed at the campground a couple miles outside of town, tent for just over $20 a night.

    Not familiar with hotels near Kings Island. Directions, If you take I-75 instead of I-71, get off at exit 22 which is Tylersville Rd. It will become Western Row Rd, and then you will turn left onto Kings Island Dr before making a right into the parking lot.

    Have a great trip, and I hope you enjoy your visit to the Buckeye State!
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    Well Cedar Point is booked. We decided to just stay at Breakers Express for the discounted tickets and early entry. Mom thinks one full day should suffice... I'm seriously hoping. Last time I went I was able to, just not sure if the old folks can keep up As far as Kings Island I guess we'll just wing it with hotels. Thanks!

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    I am planning a trip to Cedar Point, and I am wondering if there are any suggestions for a hotel that is on the less expensive side, but also a decent place to hang out in, as my elderly grandmother will be traveling with us, and she may have to spend most of the day at the hotel. Something comparable to the Hampton Inn Times Square New York would be perfect. Are there any hotels that will be nice for her to spend time in while we are at the park? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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