Translated from Google:
"Today comes the new roller coaster in the Beto Carrero World, the much awaited and talked about The Chiller!

Silently, the Beto Carrero World begins to receive today what will be one of the biggest attractions of the park.

According to unofficial information, this is a new roller coaster called The Chiller and being brought into the United States. The toy would have been purchased from the Six Flags in New Jersey, where he worked for 10 years. The roller coaster gained fame in the land of Uncle Sam for being the official attraction of superheroes Batman and Robin and reach speeds of 110 km / h.

About 60 containers arrive in the early afternoon to the Port of ItapoŠ with pieces of the toy. A spokesperson for the port could not tell if the charge carries a roller coaster full or part, but has confirmed that the United States and the recipient is the Park of Penha.

Officially, the Park Beto Carrero World chose not to speak. Just said that several attractions should arrive by the end of the year."

Beto Carrero World already has a Vekoma SLC detailed with flames. Hopefully they can rebuilt CHILLER with its inline rolls and have a good run with the ride.