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Thread: kings island

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    kings island

    whats your favorite ride?
    least favorite?

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    Favorite: Firehawk - only because its a unique experience for me and I only get in 1 or 2 rides a year. After that, Flight of Fear. I love being launched into the darkness lol.

    Worst: hard to pick one out for me really. I don't really hate any of the rides I've ridden.
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    drop zone stunt tower...during the drop i said "I'm falling" and lost my breath after that couldn't catch it for a couple minutes after the ride stopped because i could still feel the freefall sensation everyone panicked but me(i was actually enjoying it and trying to laugh it off as they were trying to prevent me passing out) they wouldn't let me back on until they switched ride ops that night. the lagging breathlessness didn't happen the second time but i did think about Dracula stealing Frankenstein's bride and how sinful that would be even for a vamp(all this was thought about going up the ride) on the way down a scene flashed in my head about a lightning strike(not a real storm only i just thought about it for a sec)

    Oh my gosh i love u moderator!!!!!!! that song u have posted played when i was stuck upside down on the claw and they got me off see my post about it in the thread about being stuck upside down on rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I prefer Vortex, personally. I like old school. That goes for inversions, airtime (yes there is actually airtime on Vortex) and good old fashioned Ron Toomer designs that bring back the old days.

    I also really like The Beast at night. Especially during Haunt. Fog, cold air and those red glaring eyes.
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    For favorite, either The Beast at night or Diamondback in the front row.

    For least favorite, probably Vortex. It gives me a headache. I'm getting old...
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    Favorite- Diamondback.

    Least favorite- the worlds biggest, baddest, longest, fastest trim brake- formerly a great coaster called the Beast
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    Diamondback by far for me. I'm an airtime junkie and that coaster does a decent job of it.
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    beast is my favorite. will always be there especially at night.

    least favorite is a tie. firehawk and face off. im not willing to wait more than ten minutes for either. mainly because the line moves so slow.

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    The Beast is by far my favorite, regardless of the trims. Yes they're annoying but it's still a phenomenal ride, especially at nighttime when I think the entire experience intensifies tenfold. We need coasters that interact with the landscape are more about experience than one or two "wow" elements with a lot of filler.

    My least favorite is Firehawk. I never have and never will like Vekoma's flyers. They deserve all the credit for a groundbreaking concept but even B&M flyers just don't do it for me. It's mostly uncomfortable with lengthy loading/unloading times and feeling as though my face is going to be peeled off around the outer banked turns.

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    Favorite is Diamondback - smooth, fast and full of airtime.

    Least favorite was Son of Beast in either form. My knees were constantly hitting the grab bar, and it was a very rough ride.
    Least favorite operating is the Grizzly, its a back breaker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian F View Post
    Favorite- Diamondback.

    Least favorite- the worlds biggest, baddest, longest, fastest trim brake- formerly a great coaster called the Beast
    Agree with both of these, though Invertigo is a close least favorite. I waited an hour for Beast at night, it wasn't worth the wait.

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