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Thread: Austin loves God and so do I

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    Austin loves God and so do I

    My name is wavylips and my god is roaring like a roller coaster! I saw Austin posted about that song and I just joined today and have a few posts. When I got stuck on the Claw they played that song as I was getting rescued! That is just totally awesome! Anyone else on here find that going on rides brings you close to god or spiritual feelings. Like when I ride the orbiter I feel as light as the wings of an angel! Please be nice to me is all I ask if someone on here is an atheist or something else, okay I respect it if you can respect my beliefs!
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    Totally! I see going on coasters a release of stress....Why? Well you scream your head off all the way from beginning to I always say a small prayer when I get on ANY ride that I am safe and no problems arise. Well so far so good! lol My God never fails me!
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    First, welcome to ThrillNetwork!

    Second, please remember that you need to type with proper spelling, punctation, etc. It's ok for Facebook or email, not ok here.

    And yes, there is a God... SOB is getting the boot!
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