The 22nd Sarah and I went up to Indiana Beach with another couple from church for their $10 from 5-10pm deal. After picking up the other couple, we drove up to the park and got there around 5:30pm. Expecting a long cruise, we went to the ticket office to find out they only had one long cruise on Sunday's and it was over. We ended up doing the short cruise, with one person taking photos. The people who went besides Sarah and I were Chad and Laura. Chad actually had family that at one time had a cabin up on the lake. The short trip did not take up by that area. After the boat cruise, we went and showed Laura and Chad the carp area. The old game barn is nice for carp viewing, the owners actually listened to people and took a game out. Since my favorite part of the park was close, we went and played Fascination a few times. Laura loved Fascination. Through the night, we played Fascination a few more times, rode Galaxi and Cornball and ate a funnel cake. Oh, Sarah had ridden Cornball in the second to last row before, but the last row was closed off. That night, the last row was open. We immediately went to the last row. Laura is not a rider, but Chad rode in the row in front of us. Sarah loved Cornball, Chad's hair is long and was going up and down with the air time. Wish I had a camera for that.

This last Saturday, Sarah and I along with six other friends went down to Holiday World. I knew I was in trouble when we got stuck in traffic a mile or two out on 162 and almost at the end of Raven lot parking lot. After getting into the park, we all headed straight for the water park as it was already 10am. For some reason the water park was already open. After changing and meeting up, we made our way over to Mammoth to see an hour and half wait already. We went to Wildebeest and it was about 45 minutes. After that, Mammoth line was still long and no one else was willing to wait in line so we went to Bakuli. After that, Sarah and myself split from the rest of the group. We went to Mammoth and waited in line. While in line Dan was going up to the ride so I introduced him to Sarah. After waiting the wait, we rode and then walked over to Pilgrims Plunge. Sarah had never rode it, so while still wet, we did. Since we were okay to go into the dry park and did the log flume since she had never rode one. After getting into dry clothes, we took our wet stuff to the car and came back into the park. We rode Raven since the last time she rode it, she was eight and once she got on the lift hill she said to her dad, "I want off". She thoroughly enjoyed Raven. We rode in the back seat and the 5th hill surprised her and she loved it. I believe we went to Kringle's to cool down for a while (wasn't too hot, but the a/c felt awesome). After resting, I couldn't take it anymore, we went to Voyage. After waiting in line and talking to a few other people (one who hadn't been to Indiana Beach since the 90's, but is talking about it now since they are close), we got to the station. The shortest wait for very back seat. Go big or go home right? It is still running great and Sarah loved Voyage!

At that point, we went back up to Kringle's to relax, cool down and wait for the others to be done. While in there, we seen Dan again. Sarah was getting ice cream so I was talking to Dan (doesn't happen often, but my first impression of Dan was very wrong, he is awesome). He said, "I like the picture you uploaded". I was confused because I hadn't uploaded a picture to Holiday World's facebook page lately or really any theme park related picture. Ended up being my profile picture of me shooting a gun a few weeks ago. A small conversation about guns and then Sarah came back and Dan went to do more park stuff. At some point between Sarah and I talking, others were ready so we met up with them. They wanted to eat at the Alamo, while Sarah and I wanted to eat at Plymouth Rock Cafe. We split up again and Sarah and I stuffed ourselves.

After leaving the park, we drove over to Casino Aztar. I proceeded to lose $3, Sarah lost $1, and another person didn't use any money. Others did lose more money.

We won't be going to another park until the 22nd of August when Sarah and I go to Kings Island (school in session+last week of daily operations= (hopefully) no lines). We might be going to Holiday World for their concert. Then we plan on going to Holiday World for the *********** event in October. Then to Kings Island again in October with our church group.

TLR version, had awesome times at two parks, going many more with my girl friend.

Going to parks with someone who likes to ride is awesome.