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Thread: My Trip To Cedar Point (With Photos)

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    My Trip To Cedar Point (With Photos)

    Two weeks ago my family and I made the long-awaited venture to visit Ohio and the Mecca of all coaster enthusiasts: Cedar Point.

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    After a brief weekend in Washington to visit family we crossed the farmlands and hills of Pennsylvania and landed upon the doorstep of America’s Roller Coast. We checked in at the Breakers Express and briefly settled into our room before my excitement became overwhelming and I insisted we spend the evening on the beach at Cedar Point. Pulling onto the causeway and seeing the looming structures of some of world’s top-notch coasters in the near distance forced uncontrolled squeals of delight out me, as if I had returned to my six-year-old self riding my first roller coaster. Circling the road around the park to the beach was torture, the coasters taunting me being just out of reach. Like an addict suffering from withdrawal I was completely on edge. Sleep would not come easy that night.

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    I woke up full of energy and enthusiasm and we arrived early to the gate for the 9 a.m. entry. The typical waiting behind the ropes followed by the “running of the guests” only intensified my impatience. Finally we were released and it was an obvious choice to head straight to what I came here for: Millennium Force.

    Waiting for the front seat was a natural decision as the lines were going to inevitably lengthen as the day wore on. It had been seven years since I last had ridden this work of steel art and before long I was on it, looking ahead at the long, steep lift hill in front of me. Climbing to the top I tried to take in as much of the view as I could before we were catapulted over the top. There is no other feeling in the world like the first drop of Millennium Force. It’s long, fast, smooth, and perfect. The entire ride is flawlessly laid out and the speed never stops. Not having a MCBR assures that the rush continues from the tip-top of the lift all the way until the final brakes.

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    Exiting the ride I realized that a lifetime of love and admiration for these machines stems from wonderful designs like Millennium. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was deeply moved and nearly brought to tears. I can honestly say that nothing I have encountered in this world brings me as much happiness as roller coasters, and there is nothing that I am as passionate about as these machines.

    Luckily for me the high from our first ride was enough to carry me beyond our next coaster. Watching the ride from the ground and remembering when it was brought from design to finished product would never have prepared me for the disappointing deception that was Maverick. I have never had such a sudden change of heart on a coaster as I did once the train hit the turn immediately following the first drop. The entire ride was a mess of hastened, if not violent, transitions that no amount of Intamin heartlining could ever smooth out. By the time we reached the launch I was more than ready to get out of my seat. Too much, too quick. My mother’s boyfriend made the mistake of holding his hands up the entire course; he would have bruises on his upper arm for the remainder of our trip. Needless to say I would not return to ride again.

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    The rest of the day was spent squeezing in as much as I could, riding just about everything and taking advantage of our one day at the park. Some rides will never get old to me (Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum, MaxAir.) Some rides were fun but nothing spectacular (Wicked Twister, Gemini, Iron Dragon.) And some rides I would honestly never care to ride again (Mean Streak, Mantis, Windseeker.) Which as a side note, I absolutely HATED Windseeker and made the mistake of riding it again at Kings Island. I am terrified of open heights and we were spinning much too fast. The entire ride was me avoiding looking down and saying repeatedly, “I’m not okay right now." Among other "choice" words...

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    Fortunately the day ended as perfectly as it began with a final night ride on Millennium Force. The only problem was my brother and I deciding to wait again for the front and purchase our on-ride picture. I’m sure the picture turned out perfect, but we’ll never know as the computers to process the cameras weren’t working. Oh well, it didn’t spoil the day. I already want to go back. One day I’ll again return. Cedar Point is more than just a great collection of rides. It’s clean and welcoming. The workers are friendly and delightfully enthusiastic even when the same guy who was there at 9 in the morning was still there at 11 that night to hype us up in line for Millennium. If there is such thing as heaven it’d be Cedar Point for me. (Maybe with an unlimited number of different rides to choose from, but who’s that picky?)

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    Nice report and some really nice beach and coaster pictures. Glad you got to come back.
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