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Thread: What is your impression of DisneyQuest?

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    Hi, my name is Thorsten and I'm going to visit Chicago in late September.
    <BR>I've heard that the second installation of DisneyQuest can be found in that city.
    <BR>Has anybody been there and would like to comment? Does anybody know how to get information about the success or the failure of this new Disney concept?
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    I've been to the Disney Quest in Downtown Disney in Orlando. I don't know if it's exactly the same, but it's cute. Cyber Space Mountain is cool, it's fun to build your own rollercoaster and actually ride it going through the inversions and flipping. (A lil tip: DONT do this comming back after a nice night at Pleasure Island...the result isn't pretty.)
    <BR>Is it worth the money? eh...everything at Disney is pretty much overpriced, and there's no exception here.
    Favorites: Amusement Park: WDW Resort (so shoot me I'm a Disney Nut at heart) | Wooden Roller Coaster: Coney Island Cyclone and Comet @ Great Escape | Steel Roller Coaster: Nitro and Medusa East, oh and Dueling Dragons...B&Ms baby!

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    If you like arcades you'll be in heaven

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    <BR>On 2001-05-15 21:56, The Beast wrote:
    <BR>If you like arcades you'll be in heaven
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    <BR>Exactly my thoughts. I'm big into that video game stuff and this place was great. It's no substitute for a real theme park, though. I'd suggest spending a half a day there.
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    I enjoyed it. I liked the interactive BumperCars and the River Ride a lot! They also have classic ideo games from the 80's! I am a big video game freak so this was a major treat. Centepede, Galaga, Pac-Man, Defender, Joust? Remember them from way back when?

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    Well of course I do remember those arcade games. But doue to a lack of money then, I used to visit friends who did have Asteroids or Pac-Man or later Vanguard before I myself got an Atari-computer. When I visited a restaurant nearby they had a Phoenix game. I was absolutely crazy when getting a coin from my parents in order top play. Well long ago.
    <BR>in order to make contacts with anyone at DQ, does anybody know anybody who might help to get into contact, or has anybody made experiences in getting to know more about the location? or is there anybody maybe from Chicago who could help with meeting people who are involved in the project, or work there, or do have an opinon on what DQ means for Chicagoans or the city?
    <BR>Feel free to contribute.
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    Here's an additional,
    <BR>to be more specific about dates:
    <BR>I'll stay in Chicago from the 29th of September to 7th or 8th (Columbus weekend) I also intend going to SFGA during my final weekend. Can anyone recommend places to stay overnight in the vicinity of the park?
    <BR>Is there a bus-transfer from Chicago O'Hare to the park and back? How long will it take to get to the park from the airport - by public transport? by car?
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    I can't tell you about hotels and that but I have been to DisneyQuest in Chicago and what I found is you have to get there really really early if you want to go in. The only part I liked was the roller coaster, the other things were OK. I actually prefer Gameworks in Shaumberg,IL. It has the roller coaster and the rest is just arcade games. There are no huge lines.

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    The one at WDW is so fun! There are no crowds and practically everything is free, except entree. The simulators are fun to do over and over again!

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    Yeah, they should put these in malls all over the country!

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    Yes the one at WDW is very fun! All the arcade games (except the ticket ones) and the food is free. Cyberspace mountain is incredibly fun (if i had 1/4 million dollars i'd buy one!) hehe. Well enjoy yourself!

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