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Uploaded by QuantumJetlag - 07-02-2012
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A wooden terrain coaster that twists with graceful intensity down stormy seaside cliffs.

Length: 4969 ft
Vertical spread: 189 ft
Highest drop: 105 ft
Maximum speed: 67 mph

It is recommended that you "ride" this in a "light fog" environment, which will enhance the sensation of speeding along the sea during a storm (and will hide the rather unseemly edges of the "sea" from view!)

Yes, the name "Storm Dancer" comes from Game of Thrones (the book), but this has nothing to do with the ride; I was simply inspired by the name itself.


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  • Stormdancer
  • Stormdancer


Joe R
07-07-2012 at 02:52 AM
Very nice ride. I would watch your corners, banking and tunnel test your ride as well as there was one on the first drop that while safe, still isn't considered clear. Something else I would try to steer clear from would be the over-use of 90 degree banked turns. They are fun to ride, and pretty to look at, but it is essentially a downfall to a ride if you add in too many of one element (Intamin Multi-Looper with quad barrel rolls in a row).

Other than that, great ride, fun to ride in the simulator and would definitely be a fun ride to experience if it were real.