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Martin's Fantasy Island in New York is home to the only known park installation of the Zamperla Nitro.


Welcome to's New Ride & Park Database

Over the last several years we have been working towards building a comprehensive database of amusement parks and rides. Today, for ThrillNetwork’s 10th anniversary we are excited to be launching the latest version of that database with many new features.

The design of the new database was largely a reaction to our observations that the old database appeared to be static, hard to navigate, and ultimately well behind the current technology trends. When the previous version was developed social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube did not exist and the web consisted largely of static pages with little to no dynamic features. Today however, many parks have their own blogs, Twitter accounts and even YouTube channels. We aimed to make our new database a central place to find all this information being put out by parks and therefore display parks most recent tweets, videos, and blog posts throughout the database. Visitors to the ride & park database can now click the “Whats New?” link to see a live stream of all industry social updates. In addition to adding social capabilities we have improved the information we are able to put into the database by adding many new fields such as park operating season, amount of airtime on a ride, awards and world records a ride has received, and a slew of new information to facilitate our expansion of the database to include water parks and their rides.

Building the latest version of the database has been an adventure. The adventure still is not over for us however, as we are going to be slowly adding features that we did not have time to complete for this version.

ThrillNetwork Staff

Top Ride & Park Counts

User Parks Steel Coasters Wood Coasters Rides Water Rides
lesley8000 211 437 85 1,714 144
ravenrider 143 465 161 1,260 96
CoasterchickRN 77 341 107 1,224 97
Coaster1 94 354 94 906 86
Irish05 142 460 126 730 75
DHollon 86 310 73 756 65
Bratman 48 205 82 780 71
ridemaster 156 396 121 498 100
thrillerman 122 383 99 561 65
Playday 89 297 108 616 50