Production Model

Huss Break Dance

Total Built 31
Total Operating 25
Builder Huss Park Attractions GmbH
Average Rating
Type Fixed Ride
Category Spinning Ride
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Break Dance Operating
Break Dance Operating
Break Dance Operating
Break Dance Operating
Break-Dance Operating since 1990
Breakdance SBNO since 2009, opening 5/24/2014
Breakdance Operating since 1997
Breakdance Operating since 1994
Breakdance Operating
Championship Rodeo Operating
Cilindri Rotanti Operating since 2001
Disco Ronde Operating since 1986
El Toro Operating since 2006
Hollywood and Vine Operating
Josie's Bathhouse Operating since 2000
Mozart Operating
Old Mill Operating
Rodeo Operating since 2006
Rodeo Operating
Snurretoppen Operating since 1988
Spider Operating
Spinning Barrels Operating since 2000
Sponge Bob's Boatmobiles Operating since 2003
The Rodeo Operating since 1999
Westernrodeo Operating
Whirlwind Operating since 1998

Past Rides

Break Dancer Operated until 9/7/2008
Breakdance Operated from 1988 to ?
El Toro Operated from 2000 to 2004
Rodeo Operated From 1999 to 2007
Rodeo Stampede Operated from 1999 to 2005