Production Model

Huss Condor

Total Built 25
Total Operating 20
Builder Huss Park Attractions GmbH
Average Rating
Type Fixed Ride
Category Spinning Ride
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Bounty Tower Operating since 1994
Condor Operating since 1990
Condor Operating since 1991
Condor Operating
Condor Operating
Condor Operating since 1986
Condor Operating since 1989
Condor Operating
Condor Operating
Drachenflug Operating
El Condor Operating
Flying Falcon Operating since 1990
Ikarus Operating since 1994
Ikarus Operating since 1990
Ikarusz Operating
Lossepladsen Operating since 2000
Rotor Operating
Sky Hawk Operating
Taifun Operating since 1986
The Eagle Operating

Past Rides

Condor Operated from 1988 through 1990
Condor Operated from 1988 to 1989
Condor Operated in 1988
Condor Operated in 1991
Condor Operated in 2007